• Q. Am I assigned to one cardiologist in the group?

    A. Yes, you will have a primary cardiologist of your choice. However, the Medicor physicians collaborate as a team to best provide timely care to their patients both in the hospitals and in the offices. This allows us to be available for all your cardiology needs at any time of the day.

  • Q. Are my scheduled cardiology tests performed in the office?

    A. The majority of your scheduled tests, including EKG, echo, vascular testing, stress testing, Holter monitoring, and BP monitoring are done in the office. Invasive procedures including catheterization and device placement will be scheduled for the hospital.

  • Q. How is my cardiac catheterization or angioplasty scheduled?

    A. Our invasive procedure clinical coordinators will contact you to discuss the timing of the procedure to best meet your needs. They will discuss with you the pre-procedure testing requirements, instructions to follow prior to the procedure, and timing and location of the procedure. The Medicor physicians are also available to answer and discuss any matters related to your upcoming procedure.

  • Q. Can I have my blood drawn in your offices?

    A. We currently do not draw blood at our facilities; patients at our Hillsborough location can have their blood drawn upstairs through Labcore, and Bridgewater patients seeking to have their blood drawn can do so at the Labcore facility within close proximity to that office.

  • Q. Do I need to be fasting for my office testing?

    A. Certain exams, such as a stress test, will require that you not eat or drink caffeine for eight hours prior to your visit. Other tests, such as an echocardiogram, do not require any special dietary restrictions. At the time of your scheduled test, you will be provided with detailed instructions describing how you should prepare for your particular exam.

  • Q. Do my office tests need to be pre-certified?

    A. Insurance companies and plans have different requirements. Depending on your plan you may or may not require a pre-certification or prior authorization. If our physician has ordered your test, someone from our office will contact your insurance company and determine if this is needed and will obtain accordingly. If the exam is ordered by another physician, you should speak with that office to discuss pre-certification requirements.

  • Q. How do I know in which office my doctor’s appointment is scheduled?

    A. The physicians see patients in both offices on scheduled days. Our support staff makes every effort to accommodate your needs for convenience and will let you know where your appointment will be. You may call either office to confirm your appointment location.

  • Q. Do I need a referral from my primary care physician before I initially visit the Medicor cardiologist?

    A. This is dependent on your insurance company and the type of plan you have. If your plan requires a referral for specialist visits then it is your responsibility to obtain this through your primary care physician prior to your visit.

  • Q. Where do I call for my billing questions?

    A. The correct number to call for questions will be on your billing statement.

  • Q. What insurance providers does Medicor accept?

    A. To find out if Medicor accepts your insurance, please call us at (908) 698-0078.

  • Q. Who do I receive a billing statement from after my office visit or testing?

    A. All billing is handled by the RWJ Barnabas Medical Group, either through Practice Associates Medical Group (office visits) or Morristown Medical Center (diagnostic testing).

  • Q. How can I speak with an administrator of the practice?

    A. Our Practice Administrator is Michele Mozingo and she may be reached by a phone call to either office location.

  • Q. Is there Wi-Fi available in your office locations?

    A. Yes, there is free Wi-Fi available in each office location compliments of Atlantic Health System.